This publication was conceived to share media like pertinent news, in-depth articles, relevant announcements, true stories, useful calendar dates, and indispensable voters' information among political activists. is established to do that -and a lot more

We bring viewpoints and news from a culturally diverse staff and contributorship, to an interconnected audience who share at the very least, this common goal; resisting Mr. Trump and his organization.

Concurrently, we are actively helping to elect real leadership.

Because we're not a non-profit, the editors and contributors may endorse specific candidates.

We are pledging ethical journalism.

We view bringing the news to people as a responsibility of providing truthful information which others need, necessarily garnered from a credible source. It is a guiding principle that we publish truthful media. Our philosophy includes a principle of non-violence, and we won't facilitate unethical political actors.

The founders, in creating, have provided a means to securely publish media of those among us with something important to share.

We stand for the creative and privacy rights of our users, while respecting intellectual property rights, and human rights, of all.

We don't permit violation of law, and all articles are subject to review and editing for content which may violate this ethic.

No sponsor ads. No clickbait. No harvesting your data. No scams. No shenanigans.
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The process of creating the content with your singular perspective and voice yours.

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